30 Days Later: MacArthur Still Hiding Financial Past from Voters

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014 @ 2:45PM in News, Press Releases

For Immediate Release – May 14, 2014
Contact: Tim Kelly  *    *  

LAVALLETTE, NJ - Today marks 30 days since Steve Lonegan called on liberal insurance salesman, Tom MacArthur, to release his tax returns and publicly provide third district voters the same openness and transparency that Lonegan displayed.

We’re all still waiting on those returns, though based on revelations of the past 30 days concerning MacArthur’s shady business practices, his concealment is no surprise.

What is surprising is that despite dozens of news stories detailing countless lawsuits leveraged against MacArthur’s insurance adjustment business, he chose to reinforce his belief in the business model his company set in motion to cheat natural disaster victims out of the claims they are rightfully owed by stating in a radio interview yesterday:

I was in the insurance business for about 30 years and loved it, every minute of it.” (1210 WPHT, 5/13/2014)

Against the backdrop of the numerous charges filed against his company, Tom MacArthur’s words read as brutally cold and particularly heartless. Third district voters have come to expect a daily round of double talk from MacArthur when it comes to issues most important to conservatives, but to double down against victims of natural disasters – all in the spirit of earning a buck to run for Congress – is shameful.

“It’s well past time for Tom MacArthur to release his tax returns and prove that he left the company when he said he did, sold his stock when he said he did, is no longer affiliated with York Risk Services, and does not continue to earn money on the backs of wronged claims victims,” said Lonegan spokesman, Tim Kelly. “Anything short of releasing tax returns of the past four years is presumed deception.

“If Tom MacArthur believes that liberal Democrats are not starving wolves counting sheep over this complete lack of transparency and arrogant disregard for third district voters, he is in for a rude awakening.”

What’s been said in news stories about Tom MacArthur’s York Risk Services company:
“The former AIG executive’s company was successfully sued twice for cheating Hurricane Ike’s victims. His company is also being sued for cheating its employees and for refusing to pay firefighters’ claims from when they were injured in the line of duty.” (Breitbart.com, 5/6/2014) 
MacArthur’s company accused of short-changing storm victims.” (Toms River Patch, 5/5/2014) 
“Revealed: Millionaire New Jersey GOP congressional hopeful ran insurance company accused of cheating hurricane and wildfire victims.” (Daily Mail, 4/30/2014) 
Tom MacArthur ran York Risk Services Group, a unit of AIG insurance, when the company allegedly skimped on a series of high-risk claims.” (Daily Mail, 4/30/2014) 
“Report: Insurance company MacArthur ran accused of cheating hurricane victims.” (PolitickerNJ.com, 4/30/2014)