7 Whoppers to be Served by Tom MacArthur at Today’s Debate

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014 @ 10:15AM in News, Press Releases

For Immediate Release – May 21, 2014

Contact: Tim Kelly  *    *  

LAVALLETTE, NJ - For weeks we’ve all been hearing about the 180 degree position changes, false accusations, and pure nonsense flying from liberal Tom MacArthur’s mouth.

In the interest of saving time before we hear it all again from MacArthur this morning during Dom Giordano’s candidate debate, we’ve put together a few of MacArthur’s inaccuracies ahead of time.

Whopper #1: Tom MacArthur has never supported Obamacare or any other kind of national healthcare system.

The Truth: Tom MacArthur not only stated that, “the government has a role in providing insurance,” he even told the Associated Press that he wants the government to install an “insurer of last resort” for those who cannot afford insurance (AP, 5/3/2014)

Whopper #2Steve Lonegan wants to close down Joint Base McGuire, Dix, Lakehurst.

The Truth:  Steve Lonegan believes that it’s not the job of American taxpayers to fund military bases in places where the citizenry wants to kill Americans. Lonegan believes that Joint Base McGuire, Dix, Lakehurst is critical to our nation’s defense and should be supported because it’s our military’s job to protect our nation, not patrol and police the rest of the world.

Whopper #3:  Steve Lonegan doesn’t care about victims of Hurricane Sandy.

The Truth:  Steve Lonegan opposed a disastrous piece of legislation that directed hundreds of millions of tax dollars away from New Jersey families and toward the funding of fisheries in Alaska. On the other hand, Tom MacArthur ran a business that took money directly out of the pockets of natural disaster victims. (Daily Mail, 4/30/2014)

Whopper #4:  Steve Lonegan is lying about Tom MacArthur’s record on raising taxes.

The Truth:  During liberal Tom MacArthur’s three years leading municipal government, the city of Randolph’s budgets have grown exponentially and taxes have increased each year! (RandolphNJ.org) MacArthur even supported a 600% tax increase on the water we drink. (RandolphNJ.org)

Whopper #5:  Steve Lonegan is a proven loser. He can’t win this election.

The Truth:  Steve has not only won the mayor’s office three times in the Democrat town of Bogota with increasing margins, he defeated liberal Democrat Cory Booker in the third district by 8 points just last year in New Jersey’s closely-watched U.S. Senate race.

Whopper #6:  Steve Lonegan is trying to tear down a successful business owner with a 30-year career.

The Truth:  Steve Lonegan believes that third district voters know the truth about whom they choose to elect to Congress. Tom MacArthur’s business has been sued dozens upon dozens of times by high risk claims victims – much like those who suffered losses at the hands of Hurricane Sandy. These lawsuits have not been created out of thin air by Steve Lonegan. They are logged in the public record; they have been repeatedly written about by reputable news sources.

Tom MacArthur claims to be proud of all of his business success, but he will not admit to these brutal failures; he will not address these lawsuits; he will not release his tax returns; he will not be truthful.

Whopper #7: ”I’m a conservative.”

The Truth:  Tom MacArthur supports: A nationalized healthcare system (AP, 5/3/2014), higher taxes (RandolphNJ.org), increased spending (RandolphNJ.org), limiting second amendment rights (Daily Caller, 4/10/2014), the government’s right to seize private property to develop “open spaces,” directing taxpayer dollars to fund development of low income housing (Randolph.org, 1/2/2013).

Tom MacArthur is a typical, liberal insurance salesman – though today expect him to serve more Whoppers than Burger King.


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