American Thinker: A ‘Real Man’ Conservative Republican Running for Congress

Friday, May 2nd, 2014 @ 1:13PM in In the news, News

This article originally appeared in The American Thinker.

By Lloyd Marcus

I suspect that many of you share my frustration with wimpy Republican candidates – afraid to embrace the Tea Party, afraid to stand up for conservative principles and values, afraid to stand up for the law, afraid to push back against bogus allegations of racism for not rubber-stamping Obama’s fast and furious power-grabs and attacks on our freedoms.

My dad taught me that a real man takes a stand and does the right thing, ignoring critics.  He also does the right thing when nobody is watching.

Well, there is a “real man” conservative running for Congress in New Jersey who is not afraid.  His name is Steve Lonegan.  Talk about a breath of fresh air: Lonegan has been fighting the good fight for conservatism in New Jersey politics for 30 years.

Yes, you heard me correctly.  I said New Jersey.

Though he put up a good fight, Lonegan was defeated in his run for U.S. Senate by the overwhelmingly well-funded Democrat Cory Booker.  Oprah and her Hollywood posse pumped millions into that race for Booker.  Still, there was a bright spot.  Despite mega-Hollywood outside funding, Lonegan strongly defeated Booker in the 3rd District, which is where he is now running for Congress.

Now get this, folks.  Standing on conservative principles, Lonegan won the 3rd District by the best numbers of any Republican in the last decade.  Mitt Romney lost that district.  It is my firm belief that when presented unfiltered by liberals, boldly and confidently, conservatism wins the hearts and minds of a majority of voters.

Sadly, far too many Republican candidates and the GOP establishment drink the Left’s Kool-Aid that we must tone down our message – in essence, become Democrat-Lite to win elections.  Now, ask yourself: why would the left want to help Republicans/conservatives win elections?

Conservative congressional candidate Steve Lonegan must defeat the liberal New Jersey Republican establishment’s candidate, MacArthur, in the primary.  MacArthur is well-funded with millions.

The New Jersey GOP establishment wants a big-government liberal in office.  Pure and simple.

Contrast that with Lonegan, who is committed to upholding the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, low taxes, and reducing the size of government.  One could say that Lonegan epitomizes the liberal wing of the GOP establishment’s War on Conservatism – the GOP recruiting wealthy RINO candidates around the country to run against conservatives.

MacArthur says he supports government funded low-income housing to bring diversity to neighborhoods.  Sounds like Obama, right?  Lonegan has no problem with diversity, but he is opposed to achieving it via government social engineering programs.

MacArthur has called Lonegan “too right-wing.”  Here are Lonegan’s goals that the GOP establishment candidate considers too right-wing.  Lonegan will fight to repeal ObamaCare, repeal Common Core’s intrusion into our kid’s education, see the repeal of Dodd-Frank, and dismantle the IRS.  Lonegan is in great company.  Ronald Reagan was also considered too right-wing.

While his opponent runs with a war chest of millions, Lonegan is the Tea Party candidate, running on ideology.  Wow, what a concept, and how gutsy.  When other Republicans were distancing themselves from the Tea Party, Lonegan helped to organize the first major Tea Party rally in Piscataway, New Jersey, April 15, 2009.

Lonegan’s strategy for victory is to keep his grassroots army energized and mobilized.  These are the same patriots who pushed him over the top to win the 3rd District in his bid for the Senate.  Lonegan has high name recognition.

As chairman of the Conservative Campaign Committee, I have jumped aboard the Lonegan Express for Congress in New Jersey.  Can you imagine the impact of a “real man” conservative elected in New Jersey?  Awesome!


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