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There’s a RINO in the Room

The influential conservative website RedState just published an article on my Congressional race. They called out my opponent by name, sharing with the world what you and I both already know: Tom MacArthur is a liberal and a RINO. You can read the full article here. According to the post, when...... » Read more

VIDEO: Obama’s April Fools Joke

Check out our new web video, featuring Obama’s April Fools Day prank on America: Obamacare is just a cruel April Fools joke, one that we’re living year round. It’s time to repeal Obamacare. Vote conservative Republican Steve Lonegan for Congress – Click here to learn how you can join the...... » Read more

Lonegan at Wounded Warrior Day-Jackson

Chopping the Tomahawk is More Than Ironic

Chopping the Tomahawk is More Than Ironic: Killing this Guided Missile is Misguided Policy As the US sees its influence in the world fading as a result of the Obama administration’s incoherent, failed foreign policy, it can hardly afford sending further signals of decline and weakness to our allies or...... » Read more

Aimee Belgard is Lost on Obamacare

Click here to listen to Liberal Democrat Aimee Belgard’s interview on The Dom Giordano Program on November 12, 2013. In the interview, Belgard shows herself to be woefully uninformed about Obamacare and out-of-touch with the wants and needs of the people of New Jersey. Obamacare has been a huge failure...... » Read more

Why I'm Running

Why I’m running…

I am running for Congress for the same reason I’ve been involved in public life for so many years. You and I are witnessing – if not directly enduring – assaults on our individual liberties and freedoms on a scale once unthinkable. If I’m elected, because of your hard work...... » Read more