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TV Debate

Desperate MacArthur Lies During Televised Debate

This afternoon during a taped television debate to be aired tomorrow morning on NJTV public television, liberal insurance salesman Tom MacArthur made an absolutely outrageous charge.... » Read more

Lonegan-Blank filler

Payrolled Employees, Party Bosses Top MacArthur Contributors

Hats off to liberal Tom MacArthur's most recent fundraising effort! His latest report provides clear evidence that he's no longer the least supported candidate in the country; now MacArthur is only one of the least supported candidates in the country.... » Read more

photo 6

MacArthur Victim Tells 3rd District Voters Emotional Story

Yesterday afternoon, California wildfire victim Jodene Finch and her husband, Doug Finch, told third district voters the heart wrenching story of losing their home and possessions in the fire that swept through Sylmar, California in 2008.... » Read more

Daily Caller

Daily Caller: Chamber Splits GOP Primary in New Jersey

Lonegan said that MacArthur won the chamber’s support by agreeing to back the “comprehensive immigration reform” plan, which would increase levels of immigration. “You have to answer ‘yes’ to that question to get that endorsement,” Lonegan said. MacArthur admitted that he supports the legal equivalent of amnesty for the 12... » Read more

mac lies

MacArthur Shamefully Lies About Involvement In Claim Denials

Believe it or not, Tom MacArthur reached a new low in today's radio debate with Steve Lonegan. He flat out lied about his involvement with his York company while they slow walked claims, refused rightful payouts, and the California Department of Insurance received over 100 complaints about the company.... » Read more

Radio Debate

Outstanding Debate Today!

We had an outstanding debate today! As predicted, liberal Tom MacArthur repeatedly distorted his own record, misrepresented Steve Lonegan’s record, and provided very little real, conservative substance. And based on the calls and donations that have been thundering in throughout the day, our message is clearly resonating in the final...... » Read more