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Tom MacArthur

MacArthur’s York: Far More Than Three Isolated Incidents

In a very clear contrast this morning on Dom Giordano's radio program, former mayor Steve Lonegan proved to voters that he's the only conservative in this race. As predicted, liberal Tom MacArthur repeatedly distorted his own record, misrepresented Steve Lonegan's record, and provided very little substance to which conservatives can... » Read more

7 Whoppers to be Served by Tom MacArthur at Today’s Debate

For weeks we've all been hearing about the 180 degree position changes, false accusations, and pure nonsense flying from liberal Tom MacArthur's mouth. In the interest of saving time before we hear it all again from MacArthur this morning during Dom Giordano's candidate debate, we've put together a few of... » Read more

RedState: Republican Tom MacArthur Uses Lawfare Against Steve Lonegan

MacArthur is suing Steve Lonegan, Lonegan’s treasurer, secretary, campaign manager, consultants, researcher, Charles himself — everyone associated with Lonegan’s campaign.... » Read more


Lonegan Releases Latest Television Spot, “Wildfire”

Jodene and Doug Finch, along with dozens of others, battled Tom MacArthur's York company as it slow walked and underpaid claimants what was rightfully owed to them. Of course, that was before the state of California took legal action against MacArthur's company for its actions in Sylmar.... » Read more

MacArthur Shows True Colors, Bullies Single Mother with Lawsuit

MacArthur recently filed a lawsuit in New Jersey Superior Court against not only Steve Lonegan for Congress, but also against the Lonegan staff - including treasurer Elizabeth Curtis, a single mother of two holding down more than one job.... » Read more


PolitickerNJ: CD3 Update: Lonegan lashes out at MacArthur, calls him a ‘monster’

Steve Lonegan released an ad today going after GOP establishment-backed Tom MacArthur, then convened a press conference on the steps of the Statehouse to personally ram his opponent.... » Read more