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Lonegan Releases Latest Television Spot, “Wildfire”

Jodene and Doug Finch, along with dozens of others, battled Tom MacArthur's York company as it slow walked and underpaid claimants what was rightfully owed to them. Of course, that was before the state of California took legal action against MacArthur's company for its actions in Sylmar.... » Read more

MacArthur Shows True Colors, Bullies Single Mother with Lawsuit

MacArthur recently filed a lawsuit in New Jersey Superior Court against not only Steve Lonegan for Congress, but also against the Lonegan staff - including treasurer Elizabeth Curtis, a single mother of two holding down more than one job.... » Read more


Lonegan Calls on Governor Christie to Veto Overreaching Guns Legislation

"Both of these laws do far more harm than good. I call on Governor Christie to act swiftly to veto this legislation should the amended bills make it out of Assembly and land on his desk."... » Read more

30 Days Later: MacArthur Still Hiding Financial Past from Voters

Today marks 30 days since Steve Lonegan called on liberal insurance salesman, Tom MacArthur, to release his tax returns and publicly provide third district voters the same openness and transparency that Lonegan displayed. ... » Read more


Medford Mayor, Tea Party Patriots of Southern New Jersey Endorse Lonegan

Today former mayor and conservative candidate for New Jersey's third congressional district, Steve Lonegan, announces two new endorsements of his campaign.... » Read more

Tom Macarthur

MacArthur’s Repeated Attempts to Silence Critics Backfires

Today Steve Lonegan's campaign for Congress releases the following attorney's letter and campaign statement in response to Tom MacArthur's repeated efforts to silence his detractors.... » Read more