Committee Members to Party: MacArthur Endorsement was a Mistake

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014 @ 12:23PM in Blog, News

A letter written and signed by dissatisfied members of both Burlington and Ocean County GOP committees was delivered to respective party offices today. The content of this letter is as follows:

Dear Republican Committee Members,

You know you made a mistake with your endorsement of Tom MacArthur for Congress.

What you might not yet know is that he just set a new record for a Congressional candidate with the fewest number of contributors to his campaign… ever.

And the contributor he did lock down, a banker, doesn’t even live in our district.

The Beatles wrote, “Can’t Buy Me Love,” though it’s more apt in this case to be rewritten, “Can’t Buy Me A Congressional District.”

This might be funny, were it not so sad.

A failed mayor with a tax-hiking record has been thoroughly rejected by the voters of our counties. We truly cannot believe you ever supported this guy, since we learn now that literally not a single voter in the district has contributed to his campaign.

Tom MacArthur’s embarrassing credentials and qualifications makes our endorsement look silly.

It’s still not too late to join us – and the thousands of people in OUR district – in supporting the true conservative in this race, Steve Lonegan.

After all, everyone is allowed one mistake.


Beverly Marinelli, Committee member, Burlington County Republicans
Mayor Walter LaCicero, Committee member, Ocean County Republicans

Proud Conservative Republicans Supporting Steve Lonegan


Our campaign depends upon your grassroots support – Donate today to push Steve Lonegan over the top against Establishment candidate Tom MacArthur in the June 3rd Republican Primary!