Conservative Campaign Committee Endorses Lonegan

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014 @ 12:51PM in News, Press Releases

The Conservative Campaign Committee Endorses Lonegan 

Announces “Conservative Hero Runs for Congress”

For Immediate Release – April 22, 2014
Contact: Tim Kelly  *  570.335.8765  *  

LAVALLETTE, NJ - Today former mayor and conservative candidate for New Jersey’s third congressional district, Steve Lonegan, is proud to announce the endorsement of the Conservative Campaign Committee (CCC).

“I’m proud and honored to have the support of the Conservative Campaign Committee,” said Lonegan. “It is organized, dedicated groups like this that play a significant role in informing voters and electing candidates with values shared by third district New Jersey families.”

In a statement, the Conservative Campaign Committee announced, “We are pleased to announce that Steve Lonegan is running for the 3rd Congressional District for these Midterm Elections.  With your support we are going to send this great patriot to Congress, where he will be a powerful voice for constitutional conservative principles.”

CCC continues, on the subject of Lonegan’s opponent, Tom MacArthur, ”We can’t let a liberal ‘buy’ the GOP nomination when we can instead elect such a principled conservative as Steve Lonegan who actually won this district last year against Cory Booker’s powerful Democrat machine.”

To read CCC’s full endorsement, please CLICK HERE.


Grassroots support is building – Donate today to push Steve Lonegan over the top against liberal Establishment candidate Tom MacArthur in the June 3rd Republican Primary!