Courier-Post: Lonegan will bring change

Thursday, May 1st, 2014 @ 8:06PM in In the news, News

This Letter to the Editor was originally published in the Courier-Post.

LETTERS: Lonegan will bring change

Are any Republicans in the 3rd Congressional District fed up with our do-nothing Congress? I am. In 2010 and 2012, I fell for the local Republican “Conservative for Election Only” storyline and candidate. I wasted my vote, time and money supporting the GOP’s hand-picked progressive liberals.

The result was nothing has changed. On every key promise — repeal Obamacare, stop the spending, reduce the debt, protect our borders, create jobs, stop the exploding welfare, etc. — nothing changed!

Now GOP bosses have hand-picked another progressive liberal and re-created him as a “Conservative for Election Only” — Tom MacArthur.

If you have had enough of this deception, you have a clear choice on June 3 to change the party’s direction and get something done in Congress. That choice is Steve Lonegan.

Lonegan is not the hand-picked candidate because he will replace the progressive liberal do-nothing GOP agenda by listening to the people — the tax-paying voters — and representing their views in Congress. Lonegan is a proven constitutional and fiscal conservative. He will vote for, not just talk about, reducing spending and debt. He will vote for, not just talk about, protecting our borders and creating an atmosphere that enables businesses to create jobs.

Lonegan will not be your choice in November unless you stand up now and tell the GOP to change direction or get out of the way! If Republicans want change in Washington, it needs to start right here. You must vote for Steve Lonegan, the True Conservative Republican for Congress.