Liberal MacArthur Refuses To Sign Taxpayer Pledge

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014 @ 10:01PM in News, Press Releases

Liberal MacArthur Refuses To
Sign Taxpayer Pledge
 No surprise after MacArthur jacked property taxes, water tax 600% 

For Immediate Release – May 6, 2014
Contact: Tim Kelly  *    *  

LAVALLETTE, NJ - As we learn more about liberal insurance salesman, Tom MacArthur, it becomes clear that his agenda and beliefs align much more closely with Nancy Pelosi and House liberals than they ever will with conservative, Republican principles and beliefs.

At an event earlier this year, MacArthur clearly stated his support of a nationalized healthcare system and in turn the egregious tax hikes forced upon American families and business. In fact, Americans for Tax Reform – an organization whose “Taxpayer Protection Pledge” Steve Lonegan has signed, but Tom MacArthur refuses to sign - lists 20 new or higher taxes foisted upon hardworking Americans because of Obamacare overreach. (, 6/29/2012)

But we’re still a long way from reaching the end of liberal Tom MacArthur’s record of tax and spending increases.
MacArthur’s budgets – and respective property tax hikes – in Randolph, New Jersey for FY2011, 2012, and 2013 reflect his gleeful zeal for increasing taxes. In fact, during Tom MacArthur’s three years leading municipal government, the city of Randolph’s budgets grew exponentially and taxes increased each year.

Randolph Budgets:

  • 2010: $ 26,407,304.00 — Before MacArthur
  • 2011: $ 26,875,296.00 — MacArthur’s 1st increase vote
  • 2012: $ 27,748,088.00 — 2nd
  • 2013: $ 28,433,914.00 — 3rd

** Total budget increases: $ 2,026,610.00

Randolph Tax Hikes:

  • 2011 Municipal Tax increase = 5.98%
  • 2012 Municipal Tax increase = 2.99%
  • 2013 Municipal Tax increase = 3.49%

Despite these cold, hard facts, MacArthur admitted last year, “I’m proud of this budget.”  (, March 27, 2013)

600% Tax Hike + Progressive Taxation:

In 2011, MacArthur supported a 600% tax increase on the water we drink and praised the decision noting it’s a “progressive tax.” (Meeting minutes, 5/26/2011)

Raising Taxes to Fund Low Income Housing Development:

On MacArthur’s watch, Randolph City Council earmarked over $250,000 in taxpayer dollars to fund the development of low income housing. (Mayor’s Address, 1/2/2013)

It should be noted that the City of Randolph saw its FY2013 municipal budget increase by $685,826 – a 2.47% increase over the previous year. (Randolph Twp. News Archive, 4/26/2013)

“It’s difficult to decide whether Tom MacArthur thinks third district Republicans are dumb or just lazy,” said Lonegan spokesman, Tim Kelly. “It’s one thing to run as a Republican for Congress and stand by the liberal positions you’ve publicly taken in the past; it’s an entirely different issue to create a brand new identity and expect no one to find out.

“If voters are forced to be subjected to Tom MacArthur’s tax hikes, it’s only fair that he prove to the hardworking families of the third district that he’s paying the same taxes they are. Tom MacArthur has been in hiding for too long. Explain these tax hikes, release your taxes, or pull out of this race.”


Liberal Tom MacArthur continues to refuse to release his tax returns – tell him to be open and accountable to the people!