Lonegan Calls on MacArthur to Release Tax Returns

Monday, April 14th, 2014 @ 2:47PM in News, Press Releases

Lonegan Calls on MacArthur to Release Tax Returns

Lonegan to release personal returns this week

LAVALLETTE, NJ - Today in a letter, former mayor and conservative candidate for New Jersey’s third Congressional District, Steve Lonegan, called on Tom MacArthur to release his tax returns for the previous three years. Full text of the letter is below.

Dear Tom –

There’s no more fundamental issue in this election than the need for fiscal responsibility in Washington. I pride myself as mayor, as having held the line on taxes while reducing the municipal budget. I have shared my tax returns with the people in past elections because I believe that the public’s right to know, in this area, is very important and necessary.

I have filed my tax returns and later this week I will make my returns available to the press.  The media will have full access to my returns going back three years. I urge you to do the same and make your tax returns available for the previous three years.

I want to add that one of my serious disagreements with you in this campaign is that you have a history of raising taxes year after year, after year, for all kinds of programs – mostly unnecessary like taxpayer-funded, low-income housing. You even admit you did it for the purposes of “diversity.”

It is critically important that if you wish to raise other people’s taxes, they know that you are paying your fair share. So, I ask you, on behalf of the people, to release your tax returns this week as I release mine so the public will have a full and clear view of each of our financial situations.


Steve Lonegan


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