Lonegan Releases Latest Television Spot, “Wildfire”

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014 @ 3:39PM in News, Press Releases

Tom MacArthur
“You don’t vote for somebody like that.”

For Immediate Release – May 20, 2014
Contact: Tim Kelly * 570.335.8765 * [email protected]

LAVALLETTE, NJ – Today Steve Lonegan releases the following television ad featuring two victims of the Sylmar wildfires.

Jodene and Doug Finch, along with dozens of others, battled Tom MacArthur’s York company as it slow walked and underpaid claimants what was rightfully owed to them. Of course, that was before the state of California took legal action against MacArthur’s company for its actions in Sylmar.


Steve Lonegan:

I’m Steve Lonegan and I approve this message.


This fire devastated Sylmar, California.

Homes lost, families displaced.

Yet Tom MacArthur’s insurance company delayed or refused payment to victims.

Jodene Finch:

If they could get away with not paying you, that’s what they were after.

Tom MacArthur was the person in charge of all of that.

Tom MacArthur is not a person that I would trust.

Doug Finch:

You don’t vote for somebody like that.

Jodene Finch:

Yeah, you don’t vote for somebody like that.


You don’t vote for somebody like Tom MacArthur. CLICK HERE to support Steve Lonegan, the true conservative candidate you can trust!