MacArthur Insults Voters, Calls Primary “Nonsense”

Thursday, May 29th, 2014 @ 8:57PM in News, Press Releases

Ordains Himself Nominee

For Immediate Release – May 29, 2014
Contact: Tim Kelly * 570.335.8765 * [email protected]

LAVALLETTE, NJ – We’ve known from the outset of this race that liberal insurance salesman, Tom MacArthur, does not identify with conservative principles or conservative voters. But the fact that he considers it “nonsense” to ask primary voting Republicans for their vote goes beyond arrogance – it’s just insulting.

Describing the Republican primary process yesterday during an interview with PolitickerNJ, MacArthur said that he “wants to move past this nonsense” and head right to the general election.

Is this the kind of person third district voters are supposed to be enthusiastic about representing them in Congress? A guy who has no problem throwing in the towel during a tough fight?

“The primary campaign is nearly over, but Tom MacArthur’s arrogance soldiers on,” said Lonegan spokesman, Tim Kelly. “If proof ever existed that a politician will do nothing if ever elected to Congress, this is it. It’s pathetic.”


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