MacArthur Shamefully Lies About Involvement In Claim Denials

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014 @ 9:49PM in News, Press Releases

For Immediate Release – May 21, 2014
Contact: Tim Kelly  *    *  

LAVALLETTE, NJ – Believe it or not, Tom MacArthur reached a new low in today’s radio debate with Steve Lonegan. He flat out lied about his involvement with his York company while they slow walked claims, refused rightful payouts, and the California Department of Insurance received over 100 complaints about the company.

Listen to MacArthur’s falsehood:

MacArthur claims to have left York on December 28, 2010 (we don’t know this for certain because he refuses to release his tax returns). But if this date is accurate it is impossible for him to deny involvement in hundreds of claims that were delayed or wildly low-balled beginning immediately following the Sayre wildfire in 2008.

Consider a single example from a story written in 2009: Since May 2009 Sylmar resident Gary Rivera “has been at odds with York Claims Service – the company that handles claims for his insurer, New Hampshire. New Hampshire, in turn, is part of the insurance giant AIG. Said Rivera in December 2009, “I didn’t know I’d have to fight them to get the money I’ve been paying my premium for.” (, 12/23/2009)

In addition, as of December 2009 – a year prior to MacArthur’s claim to have left York – more than 100 complaints were filed in the California Department of Insurance.

Electing Tom MacArthur to Congress unequivocally means more of the same nonsense from the myriad over-indulged, big-spending, Bentley-driving fat cats running Washington, D.C. Tom MacArthur thinks he’s a big deal. Tom MacArthur thinks he can buy a seat in Congress on the backs of cheated natural disaster victims.

He’s dead wrong.

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