MacArthur Shows True Colors, Bullies Single Mother with Lawsuit

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014 @ 2:01PM in News, Press Releases

MacArthur Again Shows True Colors, Bullies Single Mother with Lawsuit

Lonegan staffer pens letter addressed to MacArthur

For Immediate Release – May 20, 2014
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LAVALLETTE, NJ – Liberal Tom MacArthur’s record on all of the issues most important to conservatives is just awful. But what’s worse is MacArthur and his York company have been in the courtroom fighting back the lawsuits of insurance claims victims so many times over the years – and still today – that he could probably pass the New Jersey state bar without even studying.

MacArthur even has three federal investigations taking place against his campaign for Congress right now.

What you may not know is that MacArthur recently filed a lawsuit in New Jersey Superior Court against not only Steve Lonegan for Congress, but also against the Lonegan staff – including treasurer Elizabeth Curtis, a single mother of two holding down more than one job.

It’s this kind of bullying and strong-arming of people that’s downright despicable and has no place in this race.

Elizabeth Curtis, shaken and upset as anyone would be, drafted the following letter to MacArthur:

I’m a single mother. And I just found out Tom MacArthur filed a lawsuit naming me.

Think about it – a powerful multimillionaire used his high paid trial lawyers to file a lawsuit against me.

I’m Elizabeth Curtis. I work for Steve Lonegan and that’s why he’s suing me?

It’s like Obama using the IRS to silence conservatives. Who does this? I don’t have money for lawyers like MacArthur does. I have children to provide for.

Tom MacArthur doesn’t care. He wants to win. So he’ll do anything.

I’m the treasurer of Steve’s campaign. I stay in the background and keep the financial records.

Apparently this man is used to power and bullying people.

Really, Tom MacArthur? This is how far you will go to win? To scare a single mom and keep her up at nights worried and sleepless about how to protect herself from something she wasn’t even aware she did? It’s a shame.

Like I said, my name is Elizabeth Curtis. And my children shouldn’t have to read my name in a lawsuit.


Elizabeth Curtis
Treasurer, Steve Lonegan for Congress


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