Mayor vs. Mayor: Mac’s Facts Don’t Add Up

Thursday, May 29th, 2014 @ 2:35PM in News, Press Releases

  A 600% Tax Increase Is NOT Conservative Governance

For Immediate Release – May 29, 2014
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LAVALLETTE, NJ - Liberal insurance salesman Tom MacArthur believes that if you say something often enough, that thing becomes true. Day after day we hear MacArthur tell anyone who will listen that he “put conservative principles into action” by keeping government small and taxes low as mayor of Randolph, NJ.

It’s a pleasant thought, but just plain false.

MacArthur’s budgets and property tax hikes in Randolph during FY2011, 2012, and 2013 reflect what appears to be a real talent for increasing taxes and hiking spending.

In fact, during Tom MacArthur’s three years leading municipal government, the city of Randolph’s budgets have grown by over $2 million and taxes increased every year MacArthur held office. (

In contrast to liberal MacArthur’s tax and spend record, Steve Lonegan cut spending and taxes repeatedly as mayor of Bogata. 

During Lonegan’s first three years as mayor he cut spending by more than $267,000!

Before liberal MacArthur decided to run for Congress, he even praised his big-spending actions stating, “I’m proud of this budget.” (, March 27, 2013)

And let us not forget that in 2011 MacArthur supported a 600% tax increase on the water residents drink in Randolph. He praised the decision, noting it’s a “progressive tax.” (Meeting Minutes, 5/26/2011)

Lonegan also cut the size and scope of government repeatedly as mayor and created a consistent and competitive marketplace of services by opening the city’s door to the private sector.

In Congress, third district voters can expect much of the same massive taxation and reckless spending from Tom MacArthur. In fact he’s already made clear that he believes “that the government has a role to play in health care” – and we know how well that’s worked out. (Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/27/2014)

It’s never been more clear that third district Republican voters have a very clear choice to make next Tuesday. They can choose Steve Lonegan, a proven, principled conservative who has cut taxes and out of control spending or voters can choose liberal Tom MacArthur who increased taxes and supported colossal spending increases each year in office.

Mayor v. Mayor_____________________

Mayor v. Mayor, the choice is clear – Steve Lonegan is the proven, conservative candidate. Click here to donate $5, $25 or even $100 to send Steve to Congress!