New Radio Ad: “Embarassing”

Monday, April 21st, 2014 @ 9:39AM in News, Press Releases, Uncategorized

LAVALLETTE, NJ - Today former mayor and conservative candidate for New Jersey’s third congressional district, Steve Lonegan, releases a new radio spot titled, “Embarrassing.”

Last week liberal candidate, Tom MacArthur’s, latest fundraising numbers were made public and the results were, well, let’s agree with the National Journal and say, they “raise a red flag or two about his level of support.”

Ad Script:
It must be embarrassing for Tom MacArthur. He just set a new record for the lowest number of contributions given to any candidate for congress this year.


In fact he has fewer donors than staff members.

Less support than any candidate for congress in America.

And his one donor?

Well, he’s a banker who doesn’t live in the district.

It must be embarrassing for Tom MacArthur

You know Tom MacArthur’s liberal record:

Higher property taxes,

Taxpayer funded low income housing projects,

Social-engineering, progressive taxation.

No wonder he hasn’t a single contribution from our district.

The Beatles sang, “Can’t Buy Me Love.”

Liberal Tom MacArthur is writing his own song, “Can’t Buy Me A Congressional District.”

Steve Lonegan:

I’m Steve Lonegan and I approve this message.


Our campaign depends upon your grassroots support – Donate today to push Steve Lonegan over the top against Establishment candidate Tom MacArthur in the June 3rd Republican Primary!