Pro-Enforcement Immigration Group Endorses Lonegan

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014 @ 7:24PM in News, Press Releases

“Why Would Republicans Vote for a Candidate like Tom MacArthur?”

For Immediate Release – May 28, 2014
Contact: Tim Kelly  *    *  

LAVALLETTE, NJ – Former mayor and conservative candidate for Congress, Steve Lonegan, announces the endorsement of Pro-Enforcement Immigration PAC.

“It is rare to see Republican candidates as diametrically opposed on how to deal with the massive violation of our immigration laws as Lonegan and MacArthur are,” said USIRPAC Managing Director KC McAlpin, “and for us the choice was easy.”

Continues McAlpin, “Why would Republicans vote for a candidate like Tom MacArthur who supports the Democratic Party Leadership’s single most important legislative priority?

“We strongly urge Republican primary voters who rightly are concerned about the failure of the federal government to control our nation’s borders not to compound that failure, and vote instead for Steve Lonegan for Congress next Tuesday.”

“I”m thrilled to have the endorsement of Pro-Enforcement Immigration PAC,” said Lonegan. “As the grandson of immigrants who came to this great nation legally, I fully oppose providing amnesty to those who have entered our borders illegally.

“My liberal opponent has taken sides against the Republican Party on myriad issues from taxes, spending, big government, and nationalized health care. It’s no surprise that once again he’s on the wrong side of an issue that‘s critical to maintaining our country’s safety and prosperity.”


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