Sierra Club Endorsement More About “Wild Left” Than Wildlife

Monday, March 17th, 2014 @ 7:18PM in Campaign, News, Press Releases

“What we all have in common,” said CD3 candidate Steve Lonegan, “is a desire for clean air and water for ourselves and our grandkids. And with my first grandchild weeks away from being born, I am more focused than ever on the world we are leaving for succeeding generations.”

Lonegan’s comments come on the heels of the Sierra Club’s endorsement of liberal Aimee Belgard (D) for Congress. The Sierra Club has consistently backed far-left politicians, taking environmental issues to extremes, at the expense of energy independence, job creation, and more reasonable efforts toward protecting our natural resources and our health.

“When environmental extremism blocks the Keystone Pipeline, ties up economic progress in endless legal battles, and curtails private-sector investment, it costs Americans jobs, undermines the goal of energy independence, and places a radical agenda above common-sense environmental and energy policies,” Lonegan added.

Lonegan challenged Belgard to defend her party’s:

  • topping of the Keystone XL Pipeline project, which is costing the US hundreds of thousands of much-needed jobs;
  • wasting billions on Solyndra and other bogus so-called “green” energy projects funded by taxpayers;
  • support of Barack Obama’s use of EPA mandates to further burden an already over-regulated private sector;
  • rigid adherence to costly global warming and cap-and-trade dogma in the face of growing skepticism about the true impact.

Lonegan, the leading Republican candidate in the race, also noted that, “The rhetoric on the environment is easy for the extremists to repeat over and over regardless of the evidence and the facts … what’s hard is for the economy to suffer from misguided policy, and the American people to pay the price again and again in more taxes and fewer jobs.”

Lonegan said he looked forward to debating these and other issues in the general election, stating that extremist views of the Sierra Club are out of touch with smart policy and 3rd district voters who want and need more jobs and lower energy costs.