Tom MacArthur’s Liberal Double Down

Monday, May 5th, 2014 @ 11:13AM in News, Press Releases

Tom MacArthur’s Liberal  Double Down

“The government has a role in providing insurance.”

For Immediate Release - May 5, 2014
Contact: Tim Kelly  *    *  

LAVALLETTE, NJ - Just when you think liberal insurance salesman, Tom MacArthur, couldn’t align his political beliefs more closely to Nancy Pelosi, he doubles down on his liberal rhetoric.

Last month MacArthur staked out a very clear position on the massive government overreach known as Obamacare when he stated:

The government has a role in providing insurance.” (Video link HERE)

In two news pieces that ran last week, MacArthur doubled down on this liberal position stating:

“MacArthur, who ran an insurance company, said he wants a health insurance system in which insurance companies fund an ‘insurer of last resort’ for those who cannot get coverage otherwise.” (Associated Press, 5/3/2014)

That’s Hillary Clinton’s big government plan, Tom.

“ON THE ISSUES: Wants to… replace President Barack Obama’s health insurance overhaul with a new system that includes using an insurer of last resort for people without coverage.” (Burlington County Times, 5/3/2014)

That’s Obamacare, Tom.

For audio of MacArthur’s position on Obamacare, please click on the video image below:

mac obamacare

“We have a candidate running for Congress who supports Obamacare, limiting second amendment rights, higher taxes, limitless spending, and the government’s right to seize private property to develop “‘open spaces,’” said Lonegan spokesman, Tim Kelly. “Believe it or not, this candidate is running as a Republican.

“An insurance salesman who supports progressive taxation, national health insurance, and who got rich denying the legitimate claims of victims of natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy does not deserve to be our GOP nominee.”

Steve Lonegan has consistently spoken out, on the record, against Obamacare since the day the legislation was proposed. Because of his outstanding record of fighting for conservative causes, top conservative leaders and organizations across the country have endorsed his candidacy.

Steve Lonegan not only has the best opportunity to keep the third district in Republican hands, he will without fail represent the principles and values Republicans hold dear as the third district’s next congressman.

Conservatives for Lonegan:
Former Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX)
Conservative radio host, Mark Levin
The Tea Party Express
New Jersey Tea Party Caucus
West Jersey Tea Party
Team NJ
Jersey Shore Tea Party
Ocean County Citizens for Freedom