What People Are Saying About Our Race

Friday, April 18th, 2014 @ 4:21PM in In the news, News

It’s been a big week on the campaign trail! Please take a moment to read what news sources from around the country have been saying about our race.

“Tom MacArthur’s first-quarter fundraising announcement underscores his status as a candidate who has plenty of resources but can’t seem to drum up enthusiasm among supporters.” (National Journal, 4/14/2014)

“The total lack of outside fundraising by the main candidate standing between the controversial Steve Lonegan and the GOP nomination in a vulnerable, open congressional district might raise a red flag or two about his level of support.” (National Journal, 4/15/2014)

“South Jersey congressional candidate puts $2 million into campaign, raises almost nothing from others … MacArthur, a former insurance executive, reported just one campaign donation.”  (NJ.com, 4/15/2014)

“MacArthur, locked in a tight Republican primary with Steve Lonegan, came out on top because he loaned his campaign $2 million. Other than that, MacArthur received only one contribution: a $1,000 check from a bank executive in Randolph, New Jersey.” (SunlightFoundation.com, 4/16/2014)

“The MacArthur campaign is going to need all the money it can get. MacArthur is squaring off against Tea Party challenger Steve Lonegan, a former gubernatorial and U.S. Senate candidate.” (TheSandPaper.net, 4/17/2014)

“Lonegan is pressing ahead in his quest for the Garden State’s competitive 3rd District seat… and given his fundraising network, email list and name recognition, nobody can really blame him.” (Politico, 4/14/2014)

We’re heading into the final stretch of this campaign and every dollar we raise makes a big difference. Help us keep the momentum on our side with a contribution of $10 today!