What You Need To Know: MacArthur and York

Friday, May 2nd, 2014 @ 2:30PM in News, Press Releases

What You Need To Know:
Tom MacArthur’s York Company and the Business of ‘No’

For Immediate Release – May 2, 2014
Contact: Tim Kelly  *  570.335.8765  *  

LAVALLETTE, NJ – Tom MacArthur’s struggling campaign has vehemently denied reports alleging that MacArthur was in any way tied to denying hardworking men and women their rightful claims from insurance companies – the companies these victims retained in good faith in the event that tragedy struck.

Unfortunately, the facts just are not on Tom MacArthur’s side.

What did happen at MacArthur’s company is this: numerous firefighters, flood and hurricane victims, homeowners, and many more policyholders were (1) denied their rightful payout, and/or (2) ignored and/or delayed reimbursement for years (some disaster victims lost their homes and even died waiting for a York settlement).

All of these claims were sifted through the company Tom MacArthur founded, York Risk Services – a company that profits directly from advising against paying out individual claims. In fact, York boasts on its website, “we re-price 500,000 medical bill per year and save clients an average of 61% on each bill.” (York Risk Services website) To be sure, these “clients” are not individuals; they are large insurers who pay York handsomely to scrub claim disbursement amounts.

In the state of New Jersey, where tens of thousands of residents are fighting with insurance companies for their fair share, we have an insurance salesman who is profiting millions from the very people who have lost their life savings.

In an even more shocking act of brazenness, we have a man running for Congress who became extraordinarily rich by saying “no” to victims of tragedies, like Hurricane Sandy, in communities filled with families treated abusively by insurance companies. And now MacAarthur has the chutzpah to put Sandy victims in his political ads.

These are the plain facts – documented, published, lived through by thousands of families across the country.

“The charges lodged against Tom MacArthur this week are clearly devastating, but somehow he remains completely silent,” said Lonegan spokesman, Tim Kelly.

“Third district families deserve for Tom MacArthur to come forward personally, explain what his involvement in these allegations is, and release his tax returns of the past four years. Furthermore, he must explain why voters should elect a man who has made millions of dollars creating a company whose sole objective is to say ‘no’ to the victims of disasters like Hurricane Sandy.”



Liberal Tom MacArthur continues to refuse to release his tax returns – tell him to be open and accountable to the people!