Why I’m running…

Monday, January 27th, 2014 @ 6:38PM in Blog, Campaign, News

I am running for Congress for the same reason I’ve been involved in public life for so many years. You and I are witnessing – if not directly enduring – assaults on our individual liberties and freedoms on a scale once unthinkable.

If I’m elected, because of your hard work and support, I will go to Washington DC and defend and restore the constitutional government on which this nation was founded!

Our Nation has provided the guiding light of liberty for the entire world.

Just look at the onslaught to our liberties:

- Obama care has obliterated millions of individual health care

plans, driven up costs, reduced choices, and promises new waves of cancellations in the year to come.

- The NSA violated the public trust in secret and then overtly lied to the American people time and time again.

- The IRS has been used as a tool to harass and torment American citizens merely on account of their political views.

- Food Stamps are up a whopping 160 percent because of chronic unemployment.

This is just a sampling of hundreds of depressing statistics that have occurred under this administration.

Yet despite all of these abuses, the Obama Administration continues to pursue a staunchly liberal agenda marked by the mega growth and inefficiency of government bureaucracy.

This President has created an entangled web of job-crippling regulations and decreasing opportunities for Americans of all backgrounds. This must be reversed.

I will be blunt. I am a conservative Republican who has and will fight every day for the conservative principles on which this country was built.

I despise the machinations and harms created by a bloated out-of-control government.

  • I am opposed to big government and excessive and immorally high taxes – period.
  • I am prolife – period.
  • I support the Second Amendment – period.
  • I believe the family is the cornerstone of our society.

If you send me to Congress to be your voice, I’ll stand against President Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. I will tell them in no uncertain terms, that New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional District will not stand by and allow them to trample our Constitutional liberties and eradicate future opportunities for our children and grandchildren.